My Top 10 Books

My Top 10 Books

Hey everyone.  My name is Chris.  I am a 25-year-old CEO and entrepreneur.  Ever since I’ve started out as an entrepreneur when I was 18, I have been consistently reading.  I’ve read hundreds of books through the years and I attribute a lot of my personal and business success to what I have learned.  Reading has been an integral part of my success.  I am going to post 10 books below a beginner on the road to success can read that will help them tremendously in life:  Share if you found useful!

  1. The Power Of Now

2. The Alchemist

3. Think and Grow Rich

4. The Motivation Manifesto

5. Secrets of The Millionaire Mind

6. The Leader Who Had No Time

7. The Power of The Subconscious Mind

8. The Way Of The Superior Man

9. Outwitting the Devil

10. Presence

After making this list, I realized how many other great books I wanted to add in.  If you want more recommendations, message me!  If you have any recommendations, please comment.  Share this if you found it helpful!

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