My Top 10 Books

Facebook Twitter Youtube Hey everyone.  My name is Chris.  I am a 25-year-old CEO and entrepreneur.  Ever since I’ve started out as an entrepreneur when I was 18, I have been consistently reading.  I’ve read hundreds of books through the years and I attribute a lot of my personal and business success to what I […]

Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

Facebook Twitter Youtube I have been an entrepreneur for 6 years now and I wouldn’t trade it for any other occupation. There’s a lot that goes into being an entrepreneur, but the fulfillment that comes along with creating something from nothing is unmatched. I believe one of the keys to life and happiness is progress. […]

Most Effective Marketing Methods – 2019

Facebook Twitter Youtube Just like most business owners will tell you it’s important to have MSI (Multiple Sources of Income), I firmly believe it is also crucial to use (MMS) Multiple Marketing Strategies.  You want to diversify how are you generating leads, just like how you want to diversify where your income comes from.  You never want to limit yourself […]